Transparency is a wonderful thing when allowed to occur. It is very rare indeed when the public is allowed to gain a glimpse within the shadowy world of  Swiss international banking. During USA Presidential type elections is one of those times because of exposing opponent vulnerability.   For better or for worse we will show how international bankers like UBS are responsible for setting the ethical example, or lack thereof,  within the business and political culture throughout the world. World citizenry should be  aware the 2008/2009 global economic meltdown started in part because of  Utah Industrial Bank cartel members Lehman and UBS  mortgage scam  ballooning Wall Street international bank manipulations. We will see how Obama made a major Presidential commitment speech to all USA citizens that he would shut down the existing problematic USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank cartel.  As  continuing members of this cartel UBS AG solely owned UBS Bank USA continues documented criminal violations while  Lehman was cut out of  the  UBS bailout by Bush II/Obama.  This resulted in sacrificed cartel member Lehman failing and almost  bringing  down World finance in 2008/2009.  At the same time UBS received  millions in USA$  bailouts, for something.  This  problematic unprecedented USA bailout of a foreign bank  allowed UBS  to survive.  It was unknown at the time Bush II was receiving deferred payments  from UBS  as  Clinton had before him.  Just as Clinton/Bush II, Obama never had any intention of fulfilling his  vital interest obligation  to the USA citizens and World finance by shutting down the still existing USA Federally unregulated Utah Industrial Bank Cartel.  Obama had lied to the World.  Like Clinton/Bush II Presidents,  Obama has never been a “truth teller”.

Why does UBS still have a Charter to do any business in the USA?  World finance  continues to view an uncontrollable UBS rot at the top Group Executive Board flaunting USA law, somehow.   UBS Chairman Robert Wolf  worked with UBS  General Counsel David Aufhauser in  representing  UBS  to pertinent USA regulators.  It is unknown if these “regulators” received UBS deferred payments.  We  have corroborating documents clearly showing  these regulators obfuscating or otherwise ignoring elderly UBS client victims  pleading  for Clinton/Bush II/Obama  Administrative help against UBS criminal activities against them.   We will initially see UBS  top USA lawyer General Counsel David Aufhauser,  who reported to UBS Chairman Robert Wolf,   subsequently  get  caught on USA financial insider trading theft.  Aufhauser then  received a small fine while other USA bankers for less crimes get prosecuted and receive  jail time. We will see Obama Attorney General Holder is on record that he will take no action against UBS rot at the top.   In conflict of interest, Attorney General Holder represented UBS as a partner at Coving & Berling lawyer/lobbyist firm but failed to mandatorily recuse himself as USA Attorney General on the UBS criminal matters.  At the very same time, UBS General Counsel David Aufhauser is on record  ignoring a UBS AG Chairman Kaspar Villager directive regarding  the alleged conversion and theft of UBS elderly Client assets via unilateral offshore wire transfer to Switzerland without mandatory  USA Federal and UBS Client notifications.   Unimpeded by Holder, Aufhauser immediately rejoined Williams & Connelly lawyer/lobbyist  firm as a partner.  Aufhauser  directed UBS Washington business to his old lawyer/lobbyist firm Williams & Connelly  during his UBS employment. We will then see how USA Senate Banking Chairman Phil Gramm earlier made a questionable  “midnight” insertion into a proposed legislative bill  allegedly at  UBS direction.  Soon afterward,  Senator Phil Gramm became UBS Vice Chairman.  These  perpetrators  successfully withheld this type of information from the financial World.  We have the causal chain of implicating documents on many of these UBS schemes   available to interested parties.  UBS blatant criminal “missteps” coupled with corroborating UBS reliable sources have provided us with that proof.

We are using UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) as an example because during the past Clinton/Bush II/Obama  USA Presidential Administrations UBS has been the focus of a great deal of banking controversy resulting in basic worldwide media awareness. UBS has been the most overt and thus easier to expose. Many USA headquartered banks are concerned by the UBS unfair competitive advantage  within the USA Presidential deferred payment schemes.   United States Government Congressional oversight or media can clearly evaluate some of our voluminous smoking gun UBS corroborating documents as well as  comments from our UBS reliable sources.  This will be a cost effective way of defining and substantiating beyond any reasonable doubt UBS crimes during UBS USA criminal parole (United States of America v UBS AG Case 09-60033-CR-COHN).  There should be no room for hesitation or reluctance since the World is watching Washington resolve, or lack thereof.   It is problematic that the World of financial governance would allow these UBS men to create the same risks as 2008/2009.   We will corroborate why we believe UBS will soon be the next Lehman.  The projected future crash may again be severely caused by USA Federally unregulated UBS Utah Industrial Bank Cartel member.  It is doubtful UBS  will receive USA taxpayer bailout cash this time around. UBS   should suffer like other Utah Industrial Bank  Cartel member Lehman.

As a one-issue secondary news source, we delve into the plight of  UBS   Client victims to show a pattern of known un-prosecuted UBS criminal violations against UBS Clients.  These revelations will expose the fact that UBS has received discretionary United States Justice and Treasury Department compliance under the Obama Administration, accompanied by a get-out-of-jail-free card.  UBS is believed to be the highest giver of cash to Clinton family interests. Obama’s is set to collect his deferred payments after leaving the White House,  using the Clinton family business model with prior UBS Chairman Wolf as his alleged bagman.

During the 2016 presidential cycle UBS overtly bet heavily upon a Clinton win. UBS even collaborated on the use of  dirty  tricks against Trump.  The Hillary Clinton loss has put UBS Group Executive Board in a quagmire of their own making.  The UBS Washington lawyer/lobbyist revolving door carousel goes around and around but should now stop since  outsider Donald Trump has promised to “drain the swamp”.  A reliable  Washington lawyer/lobbyist source has said a backer of a looser usually has to give double to get in winner lobbyists good graces.  None of this will happen since Donald Trump is committed to “draining the swamp” in Washington.  It is very unlikely Trump will ever  go against his pledge. His stalwart followers cannot take being lied to by yet another USA President. It has not gone unnoticed that UBS/Obama bundler Chairman Robert Wolf  and UBS collaborator  George Soros backed  youthful  Obama as a pliable Chicagoland savvy potential winner during  a small party held at astute George Soros’s New York apartment.  Through our revelations we will see how an Obama/UBS pay-to-play Washington scheme  has ultimately caused  elderly UBS Client estate decimation within the USA.  We will see how UBS targets, solicits, recruits, harvests and processes UBS Client victims, especially the elderly.  When a UBS Client victim attempts to fight back the documented wrath of the Attorney General and USA IRS Director offices is felt.  Obama will follow the successful Clinton/UBS scheme upon retirement with excessive speakers/consulting fees.  There will be a Clinton modeled Obama Foundation for further cash intake by Obama professional bundler Robert Wolf.  There was a joke in Saudi Arabia that for prior Presidential retirements citizens  given USA Presidential ghost written books purchased to launder  baksheesh (Bandar’s bribes).  Since few read them,  World environmental activists started investigating the waste of book paper tree resources to pay Washington bribes.  Ever inventive,  Washington lawyer/lobbyists now launder cash primarily through environmentally friendly speakers/consulting fees started modestly with the retirement of appointed USA President Jerry Ford.  Ford continued with little protest.  We now have Clinton Family speaker/consulting fees that are considered  very excessive.   UBS gave $1,000,000 to Clinton for secret talk with UBS Chairman Robert  McCann.  From information and belief, ex-USA Presidents cautiously reveal  USA vital national interest secrets  through the use of analogies, metaphors et al.  Obama is to be a documented part of the same deferred payment scheme for at least his first two retirement years residing in the Washington area.  He is then said to be retiring to Hawaiian leisure.  Like Bush II/Clinton Presidents,  Obama will be handsomely rewarded for not being a “truth teller”.

ubs logo UBS created a logo of three keys connoting confidence, security and discretion.  Each has systematically been violated by UBS. They are a sham symbol of deceit at the highest levels of international banking. We are providing but a few revelations with the use of UBS reliable sources.   USA Justice Department Assistant Attorney General Breuer is on record saying: “Our goal here is not to destroy a major financial institution (UBS).”  USA  Justice Department Attorney General Holder is on record saying:  “I don’t want to indict people” referring to UBS rot at the top.  New York Times wrote:  “The bank’s (UBS) recidivism seems rivaled only by its ability to escape prosecution.”  We now know the USA Federal IRS Agency and Justice Department have been compromised by Zurich based  UBS AG.  Our documents clearly show UBS has been given USA Federal IRS  capability  to successfully threaten UBS client victims, among other things.  Justice Department has de facto given UBS and UBS rot at the top officers immunity from prosecution.  The sale of the USA Federal IRS has never been overtly implemented before by any sitting President, ever.  The Justice and Treasury Departments are thought to be the last vestigial bastion of USA citizen credibility in USA Federal Government.  It is now gone.  The problem facing Obama is not that these UBS matters are now being exposed.  It is the fact that they are causing consternation among other Obama donors who have wanted at very least the UBS discretionary USA Federal IRS compliance perks as well.    Would it not be advantageous if every entity like UBS could threaten detractors, victims or competitors with the use of USA Federal IRS scrutiny?  We will have the luxury of witnessing UBS grind down  elderly UBS Florida Client victims with USA Federal IRS threats of UBS non-compliance.  As above mentioned,  the mating of pliant Senator Obama and   UBS Chairman Robert Wolf during a small party at George Soros’s New York apartment has been and continues to be  rewarding to each. UBS Chairman Robert Wolf became Obama’s golf buddy, confidant and bundler.  The Soros known rewards were more covert.  Chairman Wolf became the UBS media spokesperson causing staff jealously.  UBS Chairman Wolf was allegedly purged by Robert McCann and his understudy Sergio Ermotti.  Both had come to UBS from Merrill Lynch,  allegedly along with the Robert L Gardiner (Gardiners Island)  converted  fortune. We have seen a UBS flip whereby UBS AG (Swiss) Group Executive Board Chairman is Ermotti while UBS Chairman USA is McCann. The Robert L Gardiner approximately $147,000,000US is still  in disarray (see issue 5) with alleged UBS  “dirty hands”  imprints on  the documents.  UBS prior Chairman Robert Wolf is now Chairman of 32 Advisors allegedly readying to assist Obama’s deferred payment collections (bagman) upon the Obama Presidential retirement. The 32 connotes Wolf’s college football shirt number and not staff.  We have just been informed Obama officially starts his deferred payment laundering in September 2017 at $400,000 for a one hour speakers fee.   UBS prior Chairman Robert Wolf’s  32 Advisors will collect the cash.  UBS must this time loose it’s Charter to do business within the USA since the Clinton/Bush II/Obama UBS  deferred payment scheme future has allegedly been shut down by the President Trump administration.  Millions of UBS shareholder  assets  were lost  by the UBS AG Group Executive Board schemers in the 2016 USA Presidential election by  backing Hillary Clinton.  The Clinton/Bush II/Obama UBS deferred payments must continue to be paid.  A reliable UBS source has said UBS,  in collaboration with  George Soros,  are still secretly fighting Trump.  Again, UBS  operates against the USA national interests with their criminal competitive advantages not otherwise available to USA financial institutions.  UBS must loose it’s Charter to do business in USA.

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