Transparency is a wonderful thing when allowed to occur. It is very rare indeed when the public is allowed to gain a glimpse within the shadowy world of international banking. For better or for worse we will show how international bankers are responsible for setting the ethical example within the business and political culture throughout the world. World citizenry are well aware the global economic meltdown started because of ballooning Wall Street international bank manipulations. This was coupled by then USA Senate Banking Chairman Phil Gramm inserting a favorable “midnight” bill into legislation.  Soon afterward Senator Phil Graham became UBS Vice Chairman.  Until now international business and nation states had no overt definitive connective proof Wall Street financials have purchased Washington Justice and Treasury Departments non-compliance.  UBS blatant criminal actions coupled with corroborating UBS reliable sources have provided us with that proof.  At the moment we are using UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) as an example because during the past decade UBS has been the focus of a great deal of banking controversy resulting in basic media awareness. UBS has been the most overt and thus easier to expose. United States Government Congressional oversight or media can clearly evaluate our voluminous smoking gun UBS corroborative documents and comments from our UBS reliable sources.  This will be a cost effective way of defining and substantiating beyond any reasonable doubt UBS crimes during UBS US criminal parole (United States of America v UBS AG Case 09-60033-CR-COHN).  There should be no room for hesitation or reluctance since the World is watching Washington resolve, or lack thereof.

As a one-issue secondary news source, we delve into the plight of several UBS US Client victims to show a pattern of known un-prosecuted UBS criminal violations against UBS Clients.  These revelations will expose the fact that UBS has received discretionary United States Justice and Treasury Department compliance under the Obama Administration, accompanied by a get-out-of-jail-free card.It has not gone unnoticed that UBS/Obama bundler Chairman Robert Wolf backed Obama since Obama was a local Chicagoland politico.  Through our revelations we will see how an Obama/UBS pay-to-play scheme has caused UBS US Client pain, anguish, decimation and ultimate UBS Client estate confiscation.  We will see how UBS targets, recruits, harvests and processes UBS Client victims, especially the elderly.  When a UBS Client victim fights back the documented wrath of the Attorney General and US IRS Director offices is felt. We have documented amounts of known cash given to Clintons for UBS speaking and consulting fees.  Obama is to be a documented part of the same scheme for at least his first two retirement years residing in the Washington area.


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UBS created a logo of three keys connoting confidence, security and discretion.  Each has systematically been violated by UBS. They are a sham symbol of deceit at the highest levels of international banking. We are providing but a few revelations with the use of our valuable UBS reliable sources.  Specifically regarding UBS, prior US Justice Department Assistant Attorney General Breuer is on record saying: “Our goal here is not to destroy a major financial institution.”  Specifically regarding UBS, prior US Justice Department Attorney General Holder is on record saying:  “I don’t want to indict people”.  New York Times wrote:  “The bank’s (UBS) recidivism seems rivaled only by its ability to escape prosecution.”  UBS reliable sources have said there was a critical Zurich based UBS AG priority that controversial Obama  bundler golf buddy UBS Chairman Robert Wolf be replaced quickly to continue the Obama special relationship symbiosis.  Intriguingly, we have UBS AG Chairman Axel Weber as a teacher at University of Chicago with nearby Director David M Axelrod managing his U of C Axelrod Institute of Politics.  Axel Weber is adept at collecting international committee and board memberships whose members have access to limitless international donations in conjunction with a need for a pliant Obama administration.  Obama political advisor David M Axelrod and UBS AG Chairman Axel A Weber have many things the other needs to increase their power and economic base, at least until the next US Presidential election 2016 cycle.  One immediate example is the planned Obama University of Chicago Obama Presidential Library requiring money from the usual undisclosed donors.  We now know the US Federal IRS Agency and Justice Department have been compromised by Zurich based UBS AG.  UBS has been given US Federal IRS documented capability  to threaten UBS client victims, among other things.  Justice Department has de facto given UBS and UBS top officers immunity from prosecution.  The sale of the US Federal IRS has never been overtly implemented before by any sitting President, ever.  The overt sale of United States Justice and Treasury Department compliance has never been out rightly allowed in Washington, ever.  The Justice and Treasury Departments are thought to be the last vestigial bastion of US citizen credibility in US Federal Government.  It is now gone.  The problem facing Obama is not that these UBS matters are now being exposed.  It is the fact that they are causing consternation among other Obama donors who have wanted at very least the UBS discretionary US Federal IRS compliance perks.  Would it not be advantageous if every entity like UBS could threaten detractors, victims or competitors with the use of US Federal IRS scrutiny?  We will have the luxury of witnessing UBS grind down at least one elderly UBS Florida Client victim with US Federal IRS threats of UBS non-compliance.

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