issue 17


United States of America vs UBS, United States District Court Southern District of Florida, Case No. 09-60033-CR-COHN)    asserted:

“16. It is further understood that should the (USA) Government in its sole discretion determine that UBS has, after the date of execution of this Agreement: (a) given false, incomplete, or misleading information; (b) violated any United States federal criminal law or failed to comply with any guidance, directive or order issued by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; or, (c) otherwise committed a material violation of this Agreement, UBS shall, in the Government’s sole discretion, thereafter be subject to prosecution for any federal criminal violations of which the Government has knowledge, including but not limited to a prosecution based on the information of the conduct described therein.” 

Miami was targeted by the US Federal Justice Department because the UBS Miami Basel Art Show was the UBS recruiting honey pot epicenter for US hidden offshore accounts. The Bush/Cheney Justice Department initiated the investigation resulting in the prosecution of UBS AG in the 2nd Federal District Court located in Miami, Florida. This resulted in UBS AG and it’s US affiliates being put on US Federal criminal parole.  Even though the United States Government was emphatic about its above assertions, UBS continued to violate UBS criminal parole by doing the same thing (Issue 9 Exhibit L enlargement). How did UBS think it was going to boldly circumvent UBS US criminal parole?