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UBS AG Global General Counsel David Aufhauser’s continual effete smirk.


UBS AG Global General Counsel David Aufhauser’s office  allegedly  had the  Laurel, New Jersey UBS Mortgage Office successfully shred or otherwise destroy  UBS Client Federally secured mortgage documents.  This is similar deja vu to UBS earlier successfully criminally  burning  Swiss Government secured Holocaust documents.   Aufhauser  and assistant Craig Darvin are  said to have been instrumental in setting up the UBS AG (Swiss) solely owned Utah Industrial Bank cartel member UBS Bank USA.  The Utah Industrial Bank cartel members were  USA  Federally unregulated  illegally doing  business interstate using USA Postal Service et al in USA states.   UBS Bank USA had  neither  USA Federal consent nor State licenses to do so  between 2003 and  2010, but for within Utah State.


 UBS AG Global General Counsel Aufhauser’s office colluded on UBS elderly Client swindles.

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UBS AG Global General Counsel Aufhauser’s office  initiated  documented USA Federally illegal unilateral UBS Client asset shifting and  offshore  account wire transfers  without mandatory USA Federal and UBS Client knowledge or consent.  When caught,  UBS AG then implemented their obfuscating and confusion manipulations frequently used in pliable courtrooms as against victim Wells Fargo  (see issue 5, VE2-7).  UBS AG,  Zurich Switzerland  is a foreign corporation subject to the USA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, among other herein mentioned acts.  Without the USA Presidential Team UBS) deferred payment scheme there may be no future UBS AG plausibility of denial schemes against UBS Client victims,  especially the elderly.


UBS AG Global General Counsel Aufhauser stages his fake humble look when before Congress.


It is well known in Washington that Williams & Connolly revolving door partner David Aufhauser became  one of the smartest follow-the-money conspiracy practitioners in the World.   A strategic USA Government position for Aufhauser to learn about World offshore money laundering was General Counsel for USA Treasury.

He was an avid learner and respected USA Government attorney.  In particular, Aufhauser was interested in tapping into various Washington intelligence agencies for known and unknown documents and advice via his USA top secret security clearance.

As such, Aufhauser served as the Treasury Departments representative on various intelligence committees.    Aufhauser also had direct supervision over Treasurys’ economic sanctions program, financial crime investigations, enforcement of the Bank Secrecy Act, and implementation of the Patriot Act  (see issue 5, VE2). Officials from the National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency, and National Security Agency (NSA) met (White House Situation Room) under Aufhauser’s command.  While at Treasury, he worked on a wide range of issues, including Iraq and Afghanistan reconstruction, sovereign debt restructuring, tax reform, money laundering, China trade and reform of international financial institutions.  This UDA top secret clearance knowledge would become valuable to the secretive UBS AG (Swiss) Group Executive Board who made Aufhauser  an offer he could not refuse.

Among other things but not necessarily all, UBS AG top officer at Swiss Wealth Management Services Bradley Birkenfeld divulged UBS AG tax avoidance, money laundering, smuggling et al schemes within USA. UBS AG was in dire condition and looking for a Washington fixer. That changed with Aufhauser revolving out of USA Government into Swiss UBS AG headquarters in Zurich, Washington and New York. Aufhauser became UBS AG Global General Counsel where he was instrumental in assisting UBS AG keep their USA Charter after the Bradley Birkenfeld UBS AG criminal disclosures. It is said by two unrelated Washington reliable sources that Aufhauser saw the capability of making huge amounts of offshore cash by using his knowledge gained while USA Treasury General Counsel. Washington wags compared it to Aufhauser willingly joining the Dark Side in Star Wars or a fox guarding the chicken coop. He is said to have been a player in developing the scheme of profiling UBS Clients to be used as UBS AG Client diversionary sacrifices (see issue 4). This successful Operation —- deflected attention and scrutiny from Washington Presidents, Congressmen, lawyer/lobbyists et al with questionable assets in UBS AG numbered Swiss accounts.  Aufhauser was said to have assisted in the creation of the scheme whereby USA fugitive from justice UBS AG Chairman Raoul Weil would be “discovered” at an exclusive Bologna, Italy hotel check in desk. This would lead down a causal chain to a Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA Federal Court show trial whereupon Weil would be exonerated.  Curiously, it was neither investigated nor substantially reported within USA media. We were at the trial and talked to many of the usual approximately 26 onlookers. Swiss Government had usually four or so men near 4o to 50 years age  yearning to leave Court boredom for the nearby Ft Lauderdale Beach. It was thus picked up by foreign media as an afterthought.

From information and belief, Aufhauser is still a vital continuing confidential liaison conduit between covertly mischievous UBS AG Group Executive Board headquartered in Zurich (see issues VA & VB) and overtly Washington connected UBS AG collaborators.  Let us not forget,  Obama’s  USA Attorney General Eric Holder had also been an attorney for UBS believed to be under Aufhauser’s control. Aufhauser allegedly continues to be instrumental in the UBS AG scheme targeting UBS Client USA victims for the “UBS Perfection Experience”. The UBS predatory mantra of target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot is still pervasive, especially within USA wealthy enclaves. Aufhauser was said to have been instrumental in setting up the “USA Presidential Team USA” of Clinton, Bush II & Obama deferred payment scheme that popular President Trump has refused to join. We determined a while ago not to further scrutinize this whole seamy area of concern for it is way above our investigatory pay scale.

Among other things but not necessarily all, while on the Amtrak Acela train from New York to Washington, David Aufhauser opened an e-mail from conspirator UBS chief risk officer David Shulman. It mentioned of UBS red flagging problems in the market for auction-rate securities (see issue 5, VE1-15). After much political posturing, UBS AG Global General Counsel David Aufhauser was finally slapped with a fine by New York Attorney General’s Cuomo’s office for committing one insider trading felony.   Aufhauser had his non-existant New York bar and exchange licenses revoked for two years! Aufhauser never had a New York Bar license to revoke.  Obama AG Holder’s office took no action for the interstate USA Federal crimes initiated by Aufhauser, Shulman and other un-named co-condpirators.  Ahfhauser all along has been to big to jail.

In any event, this allowed Aufhauser to resign from UBS AG in good standing and revolve back as a partner for  Williams & Connolly lawyer/lobbyist Washington law firm.   David Aufhauser now resides in his warm and fuzzy office cocoon sheltered from peering eyes of the limelight that invariably gets others in trouble.  Besides UBS AG, his Clients are said to have markedly multiplied. It is believed he still is peddling his top secret clearance out of his Williams & Connolly office.  Direct and indirect crimes against USA citizens have  always paid well in Washington.  Some of the wealthiest towns in USA surround Washington, for a reason.  David Aufhauser may be respected by the similar Washington “beltway bandits” but to the USA elderly UBS Clients he has helped swindle, he is an evil man.


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Craig E Darvin, Director, Associate General Council,UBS Financial Services  Inc  above says: “UBS Bank USA will not, for any number of reasons, execute a release of the mortgage.”   We  see  that Darvin says he represents the Utah headquartered UBS  Bank USA, contradicting sole foreign owner UBS AG (Switzerland).   Obama Attorney General Eric Holder would take no action against these series  fraudulent admissions by UBS Bank USA, it’s sole owner Swiss UBS AG  and UBS Financial Services.    This is but one of the UBS/Lehman Utah Industrial Bank cartel schemes that caused the 2008 World stock crash.  Obama gave a no prosecution/jail  free pass to all perpetrators.  We believe World  Finance should know about these unknown matters.


C mortgage


UBS Associate General Counsel Craig E Darvin had the audacity or stupidity to show UBS clear intent by emailing the Florida attorney who registered the UBS mortgage on Client Mallard’s domicile. UBS “will not give the domicile back under any circumstances”. UBS has thus allegedly stolen the property from elderly Client Mallard. An alerted Attorney General Eric Holder’s office has taken no action in this or other similar UBS/Lehman  mortgage fraud.  Why do the anti-Trump status quo political class continue to secretly meet in Park City, Utah?If World finance does not fix the system it is condemned to repeat it.  We have necessary corroborating documentation.  UBS does not have the capability of burning, shredding, disappearing  et al our documents and reliable sources.



Wikipedia reports: “Christoph Meili, a night watchman at the Union Bank of Switzerland (a predecessor bank of today’s UBS), found employees destroying archives compiled by a subsidiary that had extensive dealings with Nazi Germany, in direct violation of a recent Swiss law (adopted on December 13, 1996) protecting such material. UBS acknowledged that it had ‘made a deplorable mistake’, but maintained that the destroyed archives were unrelated to the Holocaust. Meili was suspended from his job at the security company that served UBS, following a criminal investigation into whether his whistle blowing had violated bank secrecy laws.” B1 This is just sad and reprehensible. What else can be said?


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This is one of many self-explanatory UBS offshore wire transfers to UBS AG (Switzerland) of Client Mallard’s account assets without the mandatory US Federal and Client written authorization. UBS will neither tell the whereabouts of the account assets nor repatriate them to Client Mallard’s accounts. This can be construed as theft of Client Mallard’s account assets by UBS. An informed Attorney General Eric Holder’s office has taken no action.



Wikipedia reports: “UBS lost the high profile case Zubulake v. UBS (Warburg,217 F.R.D. 309 [S.D.N.Y.] United States District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin presiding), a discrimination and retaliation suit. The plaintiff Laura Zubulake, a former institutional equities saleswoman at the company’s Stamford office, alleged her manager, Mathew Chapin, had undermined and removed her from professional responsibilities, excluded her from business outings, belittled her to colleagues and generally treated her different from the men on her desk. Also, she alleged that there were several sexist policies in place, such as entertaining clients at strip clubs that made it difficult for women to foster business contacts with clients. An important event in the case was that UBS had not preserved relevant e-mails after the litigation hold had been in place. Because of this, federal judge Shira Scheindlin gave the jury a final ‘adverse inference’ instruction, in part stating, ‘The fact that some UBS employees failed to preserve their e-mails after being instructed to do so, and that such e-mails cannot now be produced, is sufficient circumstantial evidence from which you are permitted, but not required, to conclude that the missing evidence was unfavorable to UBS.’ The jury found in favor of Zubulake on both claims and awarded $9.1 million in compensatory damages (including back pay and professional damage), and $20.2 million in punitive damages. The case was seen as a landmark in the realms of e-discovery, document retention, computer forensics, and human resources.” B2 We see, yet again, the UBS penchant for destroying documentation despite court orders and Swiss laws against such. This obviously irritated Judge Shira Scheindlin who could have seen this as a rehash of the alleged Holocaust document destruction by UBS in her own New York Federal Court.



In Zubulake v. UBS Warburg, 217 F.R.D. 309 (S.D.N.Y.) United States District Court Judge Shira A. Scheindlin presiding reports: “Determining that the employer (Plaintiff UBS) had willfully deleted relevant emails despite contrary court orders, the court granted the motion for sanctions and also ordered the employer (Plaintiff UBS) to pay costs. The court further noted that defense (Plaintiff UBS) counsel was partly to blame for the document destruction because it had failed in its duty to locate relevant information, to preserve that information, and to timely produce that information. In addressing the role of counsel in litigation generally, the court stated that (Plaintiff UBS) ‘counsel must take affirmative steps to monitor compliance so that all sources of discoverable information are identified and searched.’ Specifically, the court concluded that (Plaintiff UBS) attorneys are obligated to ensure all relevant documents are discovered, retained, and produced. Additionally, the court declared that litigators must guarantee that identified relevant documents are preserved by placing a ‘litigation hold’ on the documents, communicating the need to preserve them, and arranging for safeguarding of relevant archival media.” B3 UBS Florida Senior citizen Client is receiving the same treatment in the UBS 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah client judicial processing court in the shadow of the Mormon Tabernacle. Local attorneys allegedly call it the UBS slaughterhouse. UBS and its lawyers have allegedly blackened out and otherwise hidden fabricated credit line/mortgage agreement information from the Client and his attorneys. UBS and their lawyers have refused to allow any discovery, especially of IRS relevant documents. UBS New Jersey and Utah lawyers successfully adjudicated a Florida mortgage in the Utah court without a Florida legal license to do such. UBS successfully ignored court submissions of unknown UBS cross border (offshore) numbered UBS Swiss accounts and other crossover accounts. We will be following Florida senior citizens allegedly targeted and harvested by UBS.



USA Attorney General Eric Holder


Wikipedia reports: “three African-American employees filed a class action lawsuit against the company (UBS) in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York alleging racial discrimination in hiring, promotion and other employment practices. The three plaintiffs … claim that segregation and discrimination in job assignments and compensation were widespread and the firm had done nothing to diversify its workforce. … U.S. District Judge, Peter J. Messitte, granted plaintiff’s request to dismiss the class allegations without prejudice.” B4  President Clinton appointed controversial Judge Messitte. A reliable Washington source maintains  Clinton had his long standing  quid pro quo with UBS at this time.  Deferred payments would be in the form of speaking/consulting fees upon leaving the White House.  As a Covington and Burling attorney Eric Holder is said to have represented UBS.   Granting a summary judgment is unusual and usually means the judge saw no material existing fact.  It was  believed the Court actions could not pass the smell test.  We will see herein many other dubious cases in favor of UBS.



USA Attorney General Eric Holder


Wikipedia reports: “During his years in private practice, Holder represented the Swiss private bank UBS. Because of this, he recused himself from participating in the Department of Justice investigation of UBS’s abetting of tax evasion by U.S. account-holders and the prosecution of Brad Birkenfeld. …  After the U.S. government filed suit against the Swiss bank UBS AG, whom Holder had represented during his time in private practice, the attorney general recused himself from all legal matters concerning the bank, which stands accused of conspiracy in U.S. tax fraud. B5  We will see Attorney General Holder and/or his office routinely  interfere in favor of UBS within many cases against elderly UBS  Client victims, somehow.  Washington reliable sources say Holder is to go back to Covington and Burling law firm to collect known several million per year.  It is unknown if Holder will collect speaker/consulting fees from UBS as President Clinton.



USA Attorney General Eric Holder


Wikipedia reports: “Holder testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that the size of large financial institutions has made it difficult for the Justice Department to bring criminal charges when they are suspected of crimes, because such charges can threaten the existence of a bank and therefore their interconnectedness may endanger the national or global economy. … (Senators) Brown and Grassley issued a statement saying, ‘The Justice Department’s response is aggressively evasive. It does not answer our questions. We want to know how and why the Justice Department has determined that certain financial institutions are ‘too big to jail’ and that prosecuting those institutions would damage the financial system.’ … Whereas in the previous decade the Bush administration’s Department of Justice often sought criminal charges against individuals of large institutions regardless of ‘collateral consequences’ ”B6



The Whistleblower reports: “Birkenfeld made his disclosures in 2007, during the second Bush presidency. UBS was a major donor to the Bush campaign. The Obama administration took over the investigation after his inauguration, with Hillary Clinton improperly taking the lead, working with the Swiss foreign minister. She helped broker a deal whereby the bank got to hold onto $1B of the profits it made from its role in crimes. … Clinton defended the deal by saying the Swiss helped the U.S. on many difficult diplomatic fronts including in Iran and Turkey. Not long after the deal was sealed, President Obama was seen enjoying a round of golf with UBS chairman for the Americas, Robert Wolf. He  went on to become one of Obama’s biggest campaign donation bundlers in 2012. And UBS donations to the Clinton Foundation skyrocketed, according to the Wall Street Journal.” B7 It has been comely known UBS criminal activities within USA modestly started during the Bush second term.  It is astounding that UBS has been able to blatantly entice three USA Presidents each more severely than the predecessor.  We wonder if the UBS illicit competitive advantage luck will run out.  We know USA based banks are becoming concerned for USA national security, among other things.



Wikipedia reports: “The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) alleged that UBS had played a role in … Black Monday stock market crash … SEBI’s ruling of May 17, 2005 barred UBS from issuing or renewing participatory notes for a period of one year. The ban was later lifted on appeal, as a result of a government tribunal ruling.” B8 It is obvious UBS is breaking nation state laws and religious tenets throughout the world. We only see some countries pursuing UBS while others are curiously ambivalent, especially the authoritarian regimes like Saudi Arabia. It is not known how many Saud family billions are hidden at UBS in Switzerland in secret numbered accounts. We doubt the Saud family government will allow citizens of Arabia under their control to find out. We doubt the Saud family government will allow citizens of Arabia under their control to find out. What the Saud family are doing with UBS is directly against Islamic tenets. How can you have the Islamic “Protector of the two Holy Places” Mecca and Medina with offshore UBS numbered bank accounts collecting interest? Has UBS AG manipulated the accounts to give the Saudi Family members “plausibility of denial”? There is no defense capability on the documented.



Wikipedia reports: “In an article published by Reuters, Brazilian public prosecutor Karen Kahn announced that several employees of UBS … were under investigation by federal authorities. … police arrested 20 people, including bankers at UBS … after the discovery of illegal activities including money laundering, tax evasion, fraudulent banking and operating without a banking license.” B9 These are considered very serious charges against UBS employees, yet again. It is an open secret that UBS has allegedly been soliciting international organized crime elements throughout the world. Money is money!



Wikipedia reports: “UBS client, HealthSouth and its founder/CEO Richard M. Scrushy were accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of an accounting scandal … Three senior bankers at UBS Howard Capek, Benjamin Lorello and William McGahan, all whom had extremely close relationships with HealthSouth’s management, all testified for congressional hearings, but none was convicted of any wrongdoing.” B10 We see, yet again, UBS employees let go by Bush administration operatives. We do not know how much money, if any, has been given to bundler lobbyists or other donor schemes by UBS for Washington political operatives.



Wikipedia reports: “UBS was fined $100 million by the U.S. Federal Reserve for illegally transferring funds from an account set up by the Federal Reserve at UBS to Iran, Cuba and other countries presently under a U.S. trade embargo.” B11 It is bazaar to think that UBS funneled US government money to Iran and Cuba without authorization. Is this some lucrative covert Iran/Contra Bush family replay?



Wikipedia reports: ‘In an article published in BusinessWeek … it was announced that the firm was under investigation by federal prosecutors in the United States after it was discovered that traders working for at least two unidentified hedge funds were paying a UBS employee for information on impending ratings changes on stocks. It was later announced … that Mitchel S. Guttenberg, an executive director in the firm’s equity research department, was being charged along with 13 other individuals from various firms with insider-trading fraud of more than $15 million.” B12 An executive director acts upon the wishes of the executive committee and sends out UBS directives accordingly. This is a typical instance of the UBS rot starting at the top.



Wikipedia reports: “It was reported … that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had made a formal request to travel to Switzerland to probe a multi-million-dollar tax evasion case involving UBS. The New York Times reported that the case could involve some 20,000 US citizens. This is reported to be a consequence of information revealed … by a UBS client at risk of prosecution for US tax evasion.” B13 We did not believe anyone within the Obama administration would be willing to take donations or deferred payments from UBS. We were wrong. Obama has not only replicated the Bush regime but increased the money taken. Obama has been accepting donations since Senator Obama met UBS Chairman bundler Robert Wolf at a party in George Soros’s New York City apartment.



Wikipedia reports: “the US Senate disclosed that the U.S. loses around $100 billion annually due to offshore tax evasion. The Senate report accused Swiss bank UBS AG and Liechtenstein’s LGT Group for allegedly marketing tax-evasion strategies to wealthy Americans. U.S. clients hold about 19,000 accounts at UBS, with an estimated $18 billion to $20 billion in assets, in Switzerland, according to the findings from the Senate probe and Justice Department prosecutors.” B14 The US Senate has to be careful because some of the US tax evaders are extremely powerful and could take revenge. We have had three reliable source corroborations of the Bush family using the same Liechtenstein offshore mechanism as the Saud family. This has allegedly been implemented under the tutelage of Bush family patron Prince Bandar. It is said the two families share the same lawyer as keeper-of-the-gate. The Bush family is allegedly said to be moving offshore money to Uruguay to be close to their huge Paraguayan hacienda.



issue-2-Raoul Weil

Raoul Weil


ABC News reports: “Despite a federal criminal investigation of its alleged role in helping wealthy Americans hide billions of dollars from the IRS, Swiss bank UBS returned this year as the main sponsor of one of the great gatherings of the super-rich, the Art Basel exhibition in Miami. … The show opened one month after a federal grand jury in Florida indicted the head of UBS’s worldwide wealth management business, Raoul Weil, for his alleged role in helping thousands of Americans hide their money in secret accounts set up by UBS. … According to the indictment, UBS bankers ‘solicited new business from existing and prospective United States clients at Art Basel Miami Beach.’ ‘They sent their salespeople here. They have encrypted computers. They smuggled assets out of the country to help those people conceal what they should have paid the IRS,’ said Jack Blum, a Washington tax lawyer and consultant to the IRS. ‘So the question is, why should a bank like that be allowed to continue in business?’ said Blum of UBS.” B15 Raoul Weil, Chairman and CEO of UBS Global Wealth Management & Business Banking and member of the Group Executive Board, had been indicted by a Federal grand jury in the Southern District of Florida in connection with the ongoing investigation of UBS’s US cross-border business by the US Department of Justice. The case is U.S. v. Weil, 08-60322, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Fort Lauderdale). As a known US flight risk, Weil was not made to surrender his Swiss passport or make a substantial bond by the US Justice Department. At first chance UBS Chairman Weil was allowed to escape the US for Switzerland. UBS sponsored the Miami Basel Art Show and continues in related US offshore real estate tax scams with foreign nationals. USA AG Holder will not take any action against UBS. The beat goes on with UBS Obama foreign donations continue to accrue in the Obamam Presidential Libreary+ offshore UBS AG secret numbered accounts. The UBS new scheme is prospective clients must meet UBS AG Swiss representatives offshore. US Federal Attorney General Eric Holder continues to give UBS and its highness officials immunity from prosecution, for something. US Federally unregulated UBS Utah Industrial Bank continues as lead benefactor of Utah Symphony while using blatant misrepresentations soliciting US citizens by emphatically saying in advertisements it is US Federally regulated national bank. It is not.



Crooked Timber reports: “Axel Weber, formerly the ultra-hawkish head of the Bundesbank went straight from that job to the chairmanship of UBS, of which the NYT recently wrote: ‘The bank’s recidivism seems rivaled only by its ability to escape prosecution’ (with a readership comment: ‘And Axel is also on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s business school, where no doubt he feels right at home with political hacks such as Casey Mulligan and John Cochran.’) ” B16 Chicagoland is an incubator of many questionable concepts, actions and players! Will Axel’s introspection be enough?

USA President Barack Obama & UBS Chairman Axel Weber



Orlando Sentinel reports: “Heirs to the Gannett fortune say a law firm improperly put one of its clients in charge of their father’s estate. Frank and Charles McAdam III are suing attorney Daniel Hanley and his West Palm Beach law firm, Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart. The brothers say the law firm wrongly let J.P. Morgan Trust Co. handle the estate of Charles McAdam Jr. Louis Mrachek, who is representing Hanley and the law firm, said his client did not funnel work to J.P. Morgan as some kind of kickback. … Plaintiff’s (McAdam) counsel told the jury that this case is ‘like Robin Hood in reverse. You steal from the rich and put it in your own pocket. That’s what these folks (Daniel H Hanley, Gunster Yoakley et al) did.’ … The court observed that stealing could or might be encompassed within a claim for breach of fiduciary duty.” B17 Charles McAdam v Gunster Yoakley (on appeal Case # 4D06-1594, West Palm Beach, Florida Courthouse) Daniel A Handley and his Gunster Yoakley & Stewart law firm had been successfully sued for more than $1,000,000 by the Gannet heirs. Similar acts now being perpetrated with UBS upon the estate of Eunice and Robert L Gardiner


Letters to the Editor:

Gentlemen and Women:
You must remember that UBS was in very bad shape before they’d gotten a U.S. Government AIG counter party $5,000,000,000 bailout. UBS 1285 Avenue of Americas boys decided with the UBS AG Zurich office to make unilateral phony “toxic and vomit” fictitious transactions on UBS client accounts guaranteed to loose. UBS then told their clients that all of their money had been lost. It wasn’t. It was converted/stolen by UBS in this phony scheme. UBS viciously goes after any client who questions their scheme with the phony UBS Utah court. To cover any U.S. Government scrutiny UBS bought off Obama with massive campaign donations. U.S. Attorney General Holder lifted UBS criminal parole while being alerted to continuing UBS criminal acts. Holder has kept U.S. prosecutors from investigating UBS any further. It was a successful caper until UBS Client Mallard and others challenged it. We read the U.S. IRS has been given phony transaction documents by UBS as truthful compliance. This may well be the Achilles heel of UBS. We at UBS are all disgusted at what UBS has attempted on elderly like UBS Client Mallard. Let’s hope he uses his evidence wisely through media like you. UBS has all other eventualities covered, believe us. We saw that Swiss and other European media have picked up on it. You’re admired and respected because your group has not mentioned any of your reliable sources or other confidentiality. Bradley doesn’t have to worry anymore with his $104,000,000 reward. This gives UBS whistleblowers another chance. You guys are right on target. UBS Reliable Source at Avenue of Americas

Dear Editor:
We’ve read your newsletters mentioned in our Swiss paper. It’s horrible that UBS is doing these things to elderly Americans. It’s worse when we find your President is part of the scheme. It worry’s us when we find UBS is assisting the bringing down of America to a third world country.
Swiss Citizen educated in America

That arrogant smirking bastard Hauphauser should be in prison instead of SEC and Justice allowing him to practice law while on suspension. UBS is just taking advantage of a corrupt Washington by converting assets from elderly clients and giving a commission to the Washington politicos. No one likes UBS on The Street.
NYC Financier

Our Saviors:
Alas, you are outing the main culprit of the EVIL EMPIRE. UBS still has the gold teeth of my Holocaust family victims in their Swiss vaults. I am spreading the word in Boca about your investigation. Some of us see they have put a few Jewish employees on UBS brochures but we have seen that tokenism before. Keep up the good work.
Ira from Boca Florida

All of you:
I resent my name being used in such a way in your so called newsletter. I’ll sue you for slander and liable for putting me on the Internet. My kids and their friends read my name on google. These are things that should be kept private. UBS has resources we use all the time against people like you. I can use them at little expense to me or others. We’re covered. You don’t have freedom of speech. The internet should be censured from people like you. I want a retraction immediately. We’re going to shut you down very soon anyway. You can’t fight our legal power. All bases are covered. We will crush you all, literally.
UBS (cheerleader)

Dear Editor:
Keep up the good work for freedom of the press and free speech. You’re an inspiration to all those studying Journalism. We saw you site on our school bulletin. We see you have been members of CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists). If you need us we will willingly assist you.
Aspiring Journalist

You are why governments should restrict the Internet. These confrontations should be left to the privacy of our courtrooms and confidentiality of lawyers, not for public venue.
Washington lawyer


Dear Readership:

One can readily see an emerging pattern of alleged criminality by UBS, not only within the US but also throughout world. These infractions go unreported in many countries because UBS is allegedly working with the political operatives in control of those countries. President Obama openly committed himself to properly prosecuting UBS for their blatant disregard of US law. We are still waiting. We have also seen UBS run rampant over US taxpayers and UBS employees. Attorney General Holder is on record saying the Justice Department will not prosecute UBS and has never indicted UBS top officers. We are receiving an inordinate amount of emails regarding Axel Weber. Axel’s detractors have given us many verifiable facts either corroborated by our reliable UBS sources or noted by past briefly reported instances. This occasionally happens when high visibility people of interest are vetted by us. Sometimes UBS detractors attempt to plant disinformation on those vociferous such as Axel. Our readership has a strong inkling we pass on our information to specialized international media who then further investigate. Our one issue secondary news source status makes for very cost effective reporting for others, especially the ethical. How can UBS refute the our corroborating documents, other than by shutting us down. We have again been alerted UBS is allegedly intrusively attempting to tamper with our confidential Internet information. Freedom of speech advocates as well as concerned media have been alerted to UBS deviousness and are waiting for UBS to make any move to shut us down, again. We had a crash and are currently re-editing our newsletter. We got shut down when UBS Client Mallard started dealing with various US Congressional Committees by directing legislative assistants to our site. We and our guardian angels quickly identified and rectified the problem. UBS refuses to comply with US Federal IRS by documenting their supposed UBS Client Mallard and other transactions. Swiss UBS AG is attacking our inalienable right as US citizens to Freedom of Speech.

Through a highly reliable retired Washington source it has finally been revealed UBS is a USA intelligence asset affording it a “get out of jail free card” on any of it’s criminal activities. If UBS is allowed to keep USA elderly assets it steals without fear of prosecution, UBS must give USA intelligence something extremely important in return. Ergo, if UBS can steal from USA elderly there is nothing safe in the World from UBS or their USA intelligence affiliates.. This conforms to Issue 2, C2, Rolling Stone article. It cannot be that Worldly devious without notice, unless USA opponents are not telling! Birkenfeld received too much media for USA intelligence interference.