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USA/BRITISH  HEIRESS & INTERNATIONAL SOCIALITE EUNICE GARDINER’S BODY DISAPPEARS IN UBS SALESMAN’S CUSTODY! reports: “Eunice’s UBS salesman had absolute sole control over UBS Client Eunice Gardiner’s body before and after her death. According to the Quattelbaum Funeral Home spokesperson, the corpse was shipped to New York at the authorization of Eunice’s UBS salesman but something happened to it somewhere. An investigator has said it disappeared for up to six months. No independent party has been able to find out where the Eunice corpse was during that interval of time. We do know UBS/Gunster allegedly feared exposure or any Episcopal Church intercession into their scheme. Friends have said that Eunice had a reliquary (religious relics) on the table next to her bed during her waining years. We do know Eunice emphatically wished to be buried within the Palm Beach Bethesda Episcopal Church columbarium with a substantial bequeath given to the Church. Upon several occasions,  Eunice was taken over to walk in contentment through the Church gardens and look at the columbarium. She frequently said she would lay in repose at Bethesda Church,  forever near her friends. We do know the Church was allegedly cut out of Eunice’s new will favoring UBS, Eunice’s UBS salesman Mahoney and Eunice’s initial controversial wills/trusts lawyer Hanley of Gunster Yoakley. At the very same time Hanley/Gunster were successfully sued before a jury by Gannet Publishing heirs over a similar scheme against their deceased father’s estate.” E1  There are ghoulish rumors now being bandied about in Palm Beach, Florida  as to what somebody was doing with Eunice’s body during that interval of disappearance. Some authoritative individuals suspect she was overdosed or otherwise murdered which would necessitate the body being flushed with time to get rid of the evidence.  Others were initially told she moved to Coronado, California. Still others are wondering if Eunice Gardiner’s body is in fact buried under the small non-descriptive plaque in Easthampton, New York  displaying  a middle name never used by her.  There was too much purposeful disinformation being exposed.   We do know she expressed desperation and fear in a telephone call to a friend a few minutes before “they” arrived  to change her will.  She had made an appointment to see the friend but died the day before the meeting, somehow!   Why was Eunice body allegedly shipped to New York and/or hidden for more than six months?  Were the perpetrators afraid an autopsy would show Eunice was allegedly overdosed and needed rotting time to hide the actual cause?   We do know the perpetrators scheme would definitely have been exposed if Eunice met with her friend the next day.  We do know elderly Eunice was rightfully frightened.  We have more corroborating documentation on this and other horrid examples initiated upon UBS Florida elderly clients.     There has been too much disinformation exposed.  The aware Obama/Holder  Administration Justice Department  took no action against UBS collaborators continuing reign terror on UBS elderly USA clients. .


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Easthampton, Long Island, New York  Cemetery

Eunice Gardiner’s inconspicuous flat plaque to the left allegedly noting her grave as Joyce. Research has shown Eunice never used the name Joyce on any documents until the perpetrators started using it. No one knew who Joyce was but for the perpetrators, not even her family. We do know her family has noted a letter J on her birth certificate. Her husband Robert did have Joyce on a document.   The body may have to be dug up to see if it is in fact Eunice Gardiner. Perhaps this will lead to other startling discoveries.



Wall Street Journal reports: “The fleecing of older Americans is becoming an epidemic. People 60 years and older made up 26% of all fraud complaints tracked by the (USA) Federal Trade Commission … One in every five Americans age 65 or older has been abused financially …The ability to recognize fraud can fade with aging, even among people without dementia, research shows. … Only 10% of such frauds are reported, investigators estimate. Older people often fear losing their independence if their children find out. Most reported cases aren’t even investigated. … It is no secret that we have to prioritize our cases,’ says Supervisory Special Agent David Nanz, who overseas corporate and securities-fraud investigations in the FBI’s Miami office. … There can be little concrete evidence, and alleged scammers claim money was given to them freely or losses were legitimate. … (USA) Federal authorities often decline to investigate cases involving less than $100,000.” E2 We have reported UBS criminal violations but nothing can be done to save UBS Client victims when the US  Attorney General has given UBS and it’s associates immunity from investigation and prosecution (see issue 1), for something. We are telling our readership to reach out to specific entities within US Congress and their States. We must terminate the UBS Charter to do business within the US. These UBS criminal violations cannot continue against US elderly citizens.



Eunice Gardiner during the good days.

Little did Eunice know she would be subject to her garden deer tick infestation coupled with alleged Joseph R Attonito threats. Everyone knew how much time Eunice spent in her garden and the accompanying vulnerability. Soon after these above series of pictures, Eunice invariably contracted Lyme tick disease. She left Easthampton for Palm Beach. Eunice was told not to come back to Easthampton and was allegedly threatened if she attended her husband’s funeral services. She abided by the threats and did not attend husband Robert Lion Gardiner’s Easthampton Funeral. Eunice would be mortified to find her body interred in perpetuity in Easthampton by allegedly Joseph R Attonito, UBS, her UBS salesman and her Gunster wills trust lawyer. That is, if it is truly her body. More ghoulish suspicions are evolving.She never knew until the end what the perpetrators had planned.  She then frantically asked Herb Mallard for help.



USA Attorney’s Office reports: “Adorean Boleancu pleaded guilty in a $1.8 Million Fraud Scheme case. Boleancu, vice president and senior financial consultant in the Wealth Management Group …, admitted to writing more than $1.8 million in checks on accounts of an elderly, widowed client for his personal benefit. He signed the victim’s name to checks drawn on the victim’s brokerage account and home equity lines of credit without the victim’s knowledge or authorization. The checks were payable to Boleancu’s family members, his girlfriend, another female acquaintance, cash, and financial companies where Boleancu had credit card accounts.” E3 What is there to say since the actions speak for themselves.


The Bethesda Episcopal Church of Palm Beach, Florida

Bethesda Church has been a backdrop of movies and recently the Donald Trump and Michael Jordan marriages to their now wives. It is in demand because it is considered the classic old English style Church. Eunice Gardiner loved the Church and it’s gardens as she was reminded of her early days growing up in Kent, England. Eunice made a substantial gift to the Church in her proper will/trust only to have it nullified by allegedly devious colluding greed insinuations of nearby UBS AG Bank and Gunster Yoakley. After Eunice found she had terminal ovarian cancer her UBS salesman and Gunster wills/trusts lawyer changed her name on legal from that used by her on all prior documents and with friends. Eunice’s name was changed on Palm Beach County legal documents allegedly to hide her death from the ethical like the Church and Medical entities. A nondescript plaque has been set into the ground in New York with the phony name of Eunice Joyce Gardiner. The whereabouts of Eunice’s body and her deceased husband Bobby Gardiner’s Island Family $147,000,000 estate is still a mystery.


We see the Roman based gardens on the grounds of the Church contain resting gazebos, pinnacles, statues and bridges over meandering water with coy pools abound.


Eunice would walk leisurely around and inspect the various bushes and flowers to see how they seasonally changed. Eunice frequently said it reminded her of her Easthampton gardens without the deer tick lyme disease and lawyer Joseph R Attonito fear.



Eunice mesmerized by the coy fish in the reflecting pools wandering back and forth. Eunice adamant about not being cremated since it would preclude her being buried with several of her more cherished jewelry and other items of value. Eunice realized the security of the Columbarium was a necessity because lawyer Joseph R Attonito was insinuating himself and his cronies into her and Bobby’s estate matters without consent.


This is the Columbarium where Eunice was to be interned. Each plaque has room for one reposed soul in perpetuity. It is a tragedy to see the elderly like Eunice consistently being diminished and their wishes nullified by the greed of those like nearby UBS AG Bank of Switzerland and Gunster Yoakley lawyers. Let us be reminded, UBS AG had been involved with Bernie Madoff in similar looting of Client assets. Many of these Clients were members of the Temple Emmanuel. How can a Church or Synagogue expose this behavior without looking tainted?


As we mentioned, Eunice had a reliquary next to her bed where she would pray intermittently. Eunice loved the idea of being interned in the Columbarium wall overlooking the well groomed gardens. Eunice gave a bequeath for the gardens and their maintenance. “I will overlook these splendid gardens I love so much.” Eunice’s wishes never came to be with her body and Gardiner’s Island Family estate assets whereabouts are still mysteries.



Investment News reports: “A four-man team of advisers from UBS Financial Services Inc. who manage $277 million in assets with trailing-12-month production of $2.5 million has joined the Palm Beach, Fla., complex of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. … UBS last week (on or about July 18, 2011) returned the favor, hiring Merrill Lynch broker James H. Maloney (Mahoney) to work in its Palm Beach office. According to the firm, he managed $329 million in client assets and had trailing-12-month production of $1.9 million.” E4 Let us not forget bond broker Mahoney allowed Eunice Gardiner’s Merrill Lynch account to be looted by UBS June 10, 2011 while still working for Merrill Lynch. How did Mahoney allegedly allow UBS to siphon $1,000,000 from Eunice’s Merrill Lynch account? Let us not forget Eunice Gardiner died July 29, 2011 believing she was still a Merrill Lynch bond client.



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Eunice Gardiner died July 26, 2011. Judge Diana Lewis of Palm Beach County Courthouse August 5, 2011 signed James H Mahoney Jr and Daniel A Hanley as “duly qualified” personal representatives of Eunice Gardiner’s estate. From information and belief Mahoney/Hanley deviously did not divulge many issues precluding them from being “duly qualified”. Judge Lewis was not told that UBS salesman Mahoney solely handled all of Eunice Gardiner’s investment portfolio. Controversial Daniel Hanley used his home address in the Eunice Gardiner Court documents avoiding mention of his position as a Gunster Yoakley wills trust lawyer dealing with Eunice Gardiner’s will. This creates a facade against any Court record scrutinizing eyes. Like most Florida Judges, we have found Judge Lewis a highly competent Judge with a large docket of cases. Customarily, if there are no opposing parties Judges do have to scrutinize cases in depth. Unfortunately, the Mahoney/Hanley appointments started a causal chain of suspect events leading to the alleged looting of the $147,000,000 Gardiner’s Island Family estate.



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UBS has committed blatant conflict of interest if not criminal taking advantage of an elderly drug addled Eunice on her death bed. From information and belief Eunice was being given medication several times the power of heroin. This is further compounded with UBS, a UBS salesman and his family isolating as well as controlling Eunice the last months of her life. James H Mahoney even spent the last hours at the foot of Eunice’s deathbed. We see above that Stephanie Mahoney was given ownership of Eunice Gardener’s estate and contents by trustees UBS salesman and husband James H Mahoney and Gunster Yoakley lawyer Daniel A Hanley. We see that these two men were appointed Eunice Gardiner’s “duly qualified” personal representatives by Gunster lawyer Alexander Woodfield. Eunice’s UBS salesman James H Mahoney’s wife even own Eunice Gardiner’s death bed and perhaps ghoulishly sleep in it.



ABC News reports: “UBS appears to have been particularly aggressive in the way they marketed their activities in the US.” E5 UBS has caused a reign of terror against US citizens, especially the elderly through deceptive practices.


Daniel A Hanley Gunster  Yoakley Partner


Charles McAdam v Gunster Yoakley on appeal Case # 4D06-1594 West Palm Beach, Florida Courthouse) reports: “Plaintiff’s (McAdam) counsel told the jury that this case is ‘like Robin hood in reverse. You steal from the rich and put it in your own pocket. That’s what these folks (Daniel A Hanley, Gunster Yoakley et al) did.’ … The court observed that stealing could or might be encompassed within a claim for breach of fiduciary duty.” E6 Hanley/Gunster are now following relatively the same scheme with the Gardiner’s Island Family estate, albeit three times the size of the McAdam targeted estate take. From information and belief Hanley/Gunster have insinuated themselves into a well known Jupiter Island elderly woman’s estate et al. We are receiving information on these and other targeted estates. Hanley/Gunster/UBS are on the radar.


Eunice good days before UBS target, solicit, recruit, isolate, control, dupe and loot ending.


Eunice Bailey Oaks Gardiner was true and correct name not UBS aliases.



Law.Com reports: “A unanimous panel of the 4th District Court of Appeal upheld a $1 million legal malpractice judgment against the law firm Gunster Yoakley & Stewart awarded to the heirs of the Gannett newspaper fortune.” E7 While this deliberation was being heard Hanley/Gunster were with UBS initiating an alleged similar scam upon Gardiner’s Island Family estate account assets.



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April 10, 2012 Hanley created the above document. Gunster Yoakley Law Firm Palm Beach, 151 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, FL 33480 is a converted small clapboard house with a good address. Attorney Alexander M Woodfield’s office is on the second of two floors. Despite Daniel A Hanley assertions, Hanley does not work at the Palm Beach office but at Gunster Yoakley Law Firm , 777 S Flagler Dr #500, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. It is alleged both Gunster Yoakley Law Firm and proper addresses were omitted by Gunster Yoakley Partner Daniel A Hanley so as to obscure a conflict of interest Eunice Gardiner’s personal representative, trustees, etc etc etc matters.


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Eunice Gardiner’s UBS generated offshore Netherlands Antilles UBS Terminating Trust


June 10, 2011, as Amended, UBS Trust Company, N.A., Co- Trustee of the Eunice Joyce Gardiner Terminating Trust U/A is a highly technical financial vehicle. A UBS reliable source has said it is common for UBS to use these confusing documents on the USA elderly. N.A. (Netherlands Antilles) has a procedure allowing UBS to put a tombstone advertisement in a local paper regarding the ownership of a UBS Client victim UBS created trust. If no one of standing answers the advertisement in Netherlands Antilles the trust is immediately converted to UBS AG bank ownership. UBS is skilled at converting UBS Client accounts into there own throughout the World, with the use of dubious UBS created documents. We have seen documented evidence of UBS taking UBS Client Mallard’s more than $1,000,000 assets shifting them between various companies and offshore wire transferring them to UBS AG (Switzerland). Please note Eunice Gardiner died a painful death with ovarian cancer on July 29, 2011. This questionable UBS Trust document was created a month before her death when Eunice was taking heavy mind altering medication initiated approximately March 2011 . She was vulnerable, isolated and controlled by a UBS salesman who moved into her house. Eunice Gardiner was not of sound mind when signing the many sophisticated UBS/Gunster wills/trusts documents thrust in front of her at Gunster Yoakley. As we see below, Eunice never used a name of Joyce on any notarized or other documents before the taking of mind altering medication in or about March 2011. Eunice was directed by UBS & Gunster to sign all documents thereafter using Joyce as a middle name.



Transparency International reports: “America now looks weak on transparency – states including Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada allow beneficial ownership to remain hidden. The US does tolerate these onshore havens, but its federal agencies have aggressively pursued Swiss and British banks. Since 2010, any bank wishing to do business with America (most banks need to deal in dollars) must disclose all US account holders to the Internal Revenue Service, under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Unfortunately, the flow of information is one way because the US has not agreed to share information on foreign nationals holding accounts in America.(USA) Trusts are particularly controversial, because their existence is usually not recorded by any government.

Hedge funds and other collective investment schemes, many of which are also managed using offshore structures, are another favoured route. Offshore companies can be used to collect deposits from bribes or frauds and those deposits are then moved into legitimate investment schemes with a minimum of questions asked. Profits from the scheme emerge clean and can safely make their way into the ordinary retail banking system.” E-8



During the flurry of wills/trusts and various other Eunice Gardiner asset movement documents in favor of UBS, Eunice’s UBS salesman, his wife, Gunster Yoakley lawyers Hanley/ Woodfield, Eunice Gardiner was under strong mind altering drugs. Eunice Gardiner had cancer of the ovaries which is considered one of the more painful cancers.



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January 6, 1971 Eunice Gardiner signed the above notarized document. There have never been any notarized or other documents signed by Eunice Gardiner as Eunice Joyce Gardiner until on or about the time UBS Trust Company, N.A., Co-Trustee of the Eunice Joyce Gardiner Terminating Trust U/A was created. Please note the consistency of the Eunice Gardiner signature. We will see in UBS/Gunster wills/trusts documents created weeks before her death an erratic signature in the name of Eunice Joyce Gardiner.



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May 27, 2004 and October 12, 2005 Eunice Gardiner signed the above notarized documents correctly with her proper name. Out of the Eunice Gardiner voluminous documents seen, not one has had the name “Joyce” insinuated. It was only after Eunice Gardiner was diagnosed with and heavily sedated for cancer of the ovaries that UBS, UBS salesman and Gunster/Hanley started creating wills/trusts and other complicated legal documents in their favor. One of the ploys was the creation “Joyce” and its insinuation into thereafter documents by these alleged perpetrators. It is alleged this and other connivances were initiated to confuse and otherwise obfuscate Florida probate court proceedings from the Episcopal Church, Medical establishment and various other concerned entities. In essence, the name Eunice Gardiner has been erased from all legal historical documents created after her cancer diagnosis. Please note that alleged perpetrators Daniel W Hanley, James H Mahoney and Alexandra M Woodfield all use either their home address or company address without denoting either UBS or Gunster Yoakley employ. It is reasonable to believe this was done to disguise their conflicts of interest, among other things.

With a little coaxing, we believe other UBS Client victims will be coming forward once the seriousness of the scandals fully emerge. This was the victim scenario with the Madoff/UBS scandals. It became fashionable for clients to say they were a victim of Bernie Madoff/UBS.



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Above is a UBS solicitation with a picture of the Palm Beach UBS Wealth Management sales force. One of these men is James H Mahoney continuing to live with his family in his deceased UBS Client Eunice Gardiner’s estate. It is unknown if UBS Financial adviser Dennis T Melchior is in the picture.


issue-5-pic 1 coconuts


The Palm Beach Coconuts started as a group of single men repaying those who hosted them during the winter season parties. They were on the wane yearly using the small Colony Hotel annex for their meager event when Hanley joined the group. To survive, one member asked David Koch to join and he astoundingly acceded. David helped change the venue to the now Flagler Museum and added fireworks. Upon David joining, several other New York philanthropists in turn followed. The Coconuts are now a group of mostly New York oriented married men who give the annual New Years party. Gunster/Hanley saw a chance to exploit Hanley’s now prestigious Coconut membership and used it in various media for commercial advertising. It depicts Daniel A Hanley’s alleged credibility by cavorting among the mostly New York cosmopolitans. Coconut Hanley is believed to be the only local Florida boy to go from local grammar school through local law school, marry a local girl, join a local law firm and become a Coconut. This is just one example of the Gunster/Hanley craving for needed credibility by allegedly intentionally converting a social groups agenda for Gunster/Hanley commercial media use. Legally, the Coconut members should have been asked if their names could be used by Gunster/Hanley for commercial advertising. The word is allegedly out within the Florida legal community that Gunster Yoakley lost it’s preeminence when the young local lawyers like Hanley took over and successfully started questionable get rich quick schemes against the elderly. All that is needed is for Florida elderly to be informed of Gunster/Hanley and UBS behavior before they become the next victims.