issue 07

UBS SALESMEN CRASH USA DISABLED VETERAN CHARITABLE EVENT AT A PRIVATE BEACH CLUB reports:  “UBS allegedly sent six or so uninvited UBS salesmen in suites  into a private  Palm Beach club USA Disabled Veteran charitable event.   The UBS salesmen  all came together and fanned out collecting names of the primarily elderly participants while  handing out UBS business cards. members were laughing because UBS is not particularly held in high regard after recruiting, harvesting and then processing Palm Beach area senior citizen victims as part of  the ‘UBS Perfection Experience’. Some elderly wondered if the Palm Beach club would loose their tax status by allowing UBS to do business on the premises.”  G1  The UBS  usually starts  out with a honeypot event to attract primarily lonely elderly with a free lunch,  companionship and a sales pitch solicitation   champagne at Palm Beach restuarants.  UBS has found it difficult to attract  vulnerable elderly to a honeypot fete in Palm Beach for targeted vulnerable elderly since they do not go to Polo or other spectator events!  Again, UBS has spend large sums  for their high-end champagne and sumptuous other treats gobbled up and gulped at the expense of the Swiss taxpayer UBS bailout as well as  stockholder assets.   How can the Swiss citizens continue to allow their taxes to be squandered in such a manner? How can UBS shareholders allow the UBS AG Group Executive Board to misuse their assets?  UBS AG is so out of touch with reality they do not comprehend their recruiting of Palm Beach elderly is over, ended, se finis.   


sergio ermotti bad dress

UBS AG Chief Sergio Ermotti


UBS AG reliable sources have sent snippets of UBS AG CEO Sergio P Ermotti breaking his own UBS AG hygiene/dress code directive (see issue 6).  Sergio spoke at a UBS AG initiated news conference in Zurich. Sergio was so thrilled at UBS AG profits from questionable sources that he did not abide by the UBS AG grooming directive.  Sergio is said to have UBS grooming enforcers throughout the World. One cannot but help to see Sergio has his loose tie to one side with a sloppy shirt.  Sergio’s jacket is open, another definite no no. Other more telling pictures of Sergio are said to be forthcoming but will be scrutinized for authenticity.  There is no end to UBS reliable sources willing to divulge UBS irregularities.  Disgruntled reliable UBS sources have said photographs of a sloppy Sergio are just other examples of UBS’s endemic “do as I say and not as I do” fiefdom directives.  This is one reason UBS has consistently low marks in company moral. Empires fall on endemic sloppiness.



Daily Mail reports UBS: “has a history of providing detailed advice for its employees. … impress customers with a polished presence and sense of Swiss precision and decorum. … not to show roots if they colour their hair and to avoid wearing black nail polish. … avoid garlic or onion breath … dirty (eye) glasses create an appearance of negligence. … skin-colored underwear for women and wristwatches for all to signal ‘trustworthiness and a serious concern for punctuality.’ … A UBS spokesman said clients and staff had reacted well to the rules” G2 UBS AG Group Executive Board Chief Sergio Ermotti should add big pockets to their uniforms. The input pocket should be for filching assets of elderly estate accounts, especially in Florida. An output pocket should be added for secretly giving to legally to USA presidential libraries+ to continue UBS immunity from Obama USA prosecution. We wonder what UBS decorum is in the Geneva nearby newly created prostitution kiosks!.



New York Times reports: “Justice Department and UBS had agreed in principal to extend a so-called non prosecution agreement that was struck after the bank admitted in 2012 to manipulating interest rates. The agreement, which requires the bank to refrain from committing crimes and to cooperate with any investigations, was set to end Dec. 18 (2014), but would be extended one year. … Sergio P. Ermotti, the banks (UBS) chief executive, said he was pleased with the performance and that the bank was facing its regulatory issues head on.” G3 UBS AG CEO Ermotti’s secretive UBS AG Group Executive Board (Zurich) unabatedly continues to oversee herein confirmed crimes, most notably against USA Florida elderly UBS clients. We have confirmed continuing looting of elderly UBS clients.



USA Today reports: “A government watchdog has launched “almost 20′ criminal investigations related to the $700 billion financial bailout program (UBS & AIG foremost), … Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the rescue program, says in the report that probes involve possible public corruption; corporate, stock and tax fraud; insider trading; and mortgage fraud. … ‘Those who make intentional misrepresentations … in their financial reporting to the Treasury Department may be in violation of several criminal statutes.’ In an interview with National Public Radio this month, Barofsky said one probe involves bank officials who were allegedly ‘cooking their books’.” G4 alleges public corruption by UBS in giving Washington politicians who were involved in the UBS bailout deferred payments.  UBS has also given PAC (political action committee) money to a Florida Senator and several Congressmen.  UBS PAC has also given money to various crucial Florida state political operatives to allegedly obfuscate predatory banking laws and facilitate access to Florida senior citizens. UBS allegedly purged and “cooked their books” of the UBS mortgage department before both the Swiss and USA bailouts of UBS.  UBS has allegedly been involved in documented mortgage fraud regarding Florida senior citizens. We have UBS incriminating documents.  These alleged UBS criminal acts are facilitated by the UBS “crossover” scheme whereby UBS unilaterally shifts client accounts between UBS bank, UBS Financial Services Inc,  UBS Wealth Management, UBS USA and UBS AG to eliminate transparency,  due diligence and scrutiny, especially from the IRS.



Holder replacement USA Attorney General Loretta Lynch


Bloomberg reports: “UBS Group AG is being investigated by the U.S. over whether it helped Americans evade taxes by improperly using securities that let owners conceal their identity, three people familiar with the matter said. … ‘UBS has so far handled these investigations pretty cleverly and has always gotten away relatively lightly,’ said Dieter Hein, a Kronberg, Germany-based analyst for AlphaValue SAS. ‘If there is something to these new accusations, I would expect UBS to get away less lightly, as they would be a repeat offender.’ … A whistle-blower is aiding the investigation, which is being led by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, according to the person. That office is headed by Loretta Lynch, who has been nominated to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are also working on the probe, another person said.” G5  We find it difficult to believe beneficiaries of UBS largess would earnestly scrutinize UBS. This is the epidomy of the fox controling the chicken coop UBS directives.  When is UBS AG going to loose it’s Charter to do business in USA?



USA Attorney General Loretta Lynch


Newsweek reports: “The eye-opening acquittal in an unusually short trial that lasted barely three weeks is widely viewed by tax lawyers in the United States and Europe as a massive and embarrassing blow to the Justice Department and its eight-year crusade to pierce the veil of Swiss private banking. ‘I’m in Switzerland now, and as you can imagine, there is a real sense that the Swiss have achieved some vindication and that the DOJ has a black eye,’ Kemm says. … government prosecutor, Jason Poole, appeared to unwittingly support that assertion when he told jurors in closing arguments that ‘Mr. Weil was at a very high level, he was an executive.  No doubt most of the time he didn’t dirty his hands’ in what one prosecution witness, former UBS banker Georg Marti, called in testimony ‘the dirty business.’ … a senior tax lawyer in Washington, D.C. … ‘DOJ did a crappy job, apparently unaware of the harm that failure will cause to their agenda’ of expanding its probe of Switzerland to other tax-haven countries.’  What Hong Kong or Indian or Israeli bank is going to be intimidated’ .” G6  Again, Senator Obama met UBS Chairman and USA bundler Robert Wolf at George Soros’s apartment party.  Thereafter, UBS was said to be the largest donor to Obama. Attorney General Holder’s revolving door law firm represents UBS in Washington. Holder represented UBS in a case defending UBS against black employees. Obama/Holder quietly lifted DOJ criminal parole even though UBS known and proven criminal violations continue.  UBS is said to control offshore donor Presidential Library+ numbered accounts.



New York Post reports: “Authorities in the United States apparently tried to protect the prince from scandal back in 2008, by giving Epstein a sweetheart plea deal according to a second report, in the Sunday Times of London.  ‘Please do whatever you can to keep this from becoming public,” a former senior counsel to then-President George W. Bush wrote in an e-mail to the US Attorney prosecuting Epstein.  Buckingham Palace denied the allegations.  ‘This relates to long-running and ongoing civil proceedings in the US,’ a spokesman said in a statement. ‘As such, we would not comment on the detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue.’ ” G7 This is the same Washington bi-partisan scenario script played out with prior fugitive from USA Justice UBS Chairman Weil.  It is unknown at this time the extent of interference by White House operatives in both incidences.  We do know the Ft Lauderdale, Florida criminal trial of USA fugitive prior UBS Chairman Raoul was considered suspicious by our journalist and others attending.  Our early issues clearly show the coziness between the secret UBS Group Executive Committee and Obama/Holder/Brueur.



A reliable UBS source says Swiss fugitive from USA Justice prior UBS Chairman Raoul Weil, secretive UBS Group Executive Board and USA Department of Justice Holder’s office discussed through an intermediary, a plea bargain. This was to follow the same Clinton last minute pardon scheme of an earlier Swiss citizen Glencore Mining founder Mark Rich. Weil was to serve one year prison time followed by a last minute Obama Presidential 2016 pardon before leaving office. Obama’s office did not want a repeat scandal. Weil was reluctant because of fear of being “accidented” in a USA “Club Fed” prison. Weil wanted another pre trial bail to occur in the safety of a friends estate in New Jersey. A compliant Holder’s office was then to be soft on prosecution of the case enabling Weil to become an internationally free man. If that did not occur Weil was said to be willing to tell all, most probably concluding with UBS revocation of their USA Charter once and for all. These scheme negotiations allegedly started well before Weil made himself available for the exclusive hotel Bologna, Italy arrest, extradition and resulting Ft Lauderdale clearly apparent show trial. Both Judge Cohn and USA prosecutor emphasized ad nausea to an embarrassingly semi-comatose jury that proof of guilt had to be strong. USA prosecutor presented what was unanimously considered a weak misdirected performance. There is more peripheral information available but it cannot be as readily verified at this time.



Daily Beast reports: “Roman Polanski will be questioned by Polish officials who have received an extradition request from officials in Los Angeles.  The director, who lives in France, has been in Poland preparing to shoot a new movie. “Prosecutors will want to summon Polanski for questioning,” a spokesman for the prosecutor general’s office in Warsaw said. Polanski pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in 1977 but then fled the U.S. the following year. G8  Polanski is a celebrity but does not have the same White House connections and damaging information as Weil, Epstein and Prince Andrew.



Prior UBS AG Chairman Raoul Weil and his wife


We had a journalist present who can attest with other journalists to the theater and resulting 45 minute Jury “not guilty” closure decision. Some of the Swiss interested parties and journalists only went for one or two days before leaving as a fait de complies. You would have thought Liechti would be boring. Quite the contrary, he was very interesting in how UBS AG Group Executive Board gathered an argument as to why they should buy Paine Webber. It was more valuable than any case study business school models. There were 22 – 27 journalists/spectators any given day. There were 4 lawyers for prosecution and 8 lawyers for defense. The USA Federal prosecutors were unusually accommodating to defense lawyers. It was difficult to tell the intellect of the casual clothed 12 jurors in various stages of boredom. Judge Cohn presided using his strong Alabama accent. As with many schemes at such a level, only history will play out the truth. We have provided a small crack in the scheme. Perhaps the Swiss Obama Presidential Library+ USA legal secret UBS numbered account deposits will be that much more enhanced.



Newsweek reports: “The eye-opening acquittal in an unusually short trial that lasted barely three weeks is widely viewed by tax lawyers in the United States and Europe as a massive and embarrassing blow to the Justice Department and its eight-year crusade to pierce the veil of Swiss private banking. ‘I’m in Switzerland now, and as you can imagine, there is a real sense that the Swiss have achieved some vindication and that the DOJ has a black eye, ‘Kemm says. … Swiss laws governing the confidentiality of banks and their clients touch a deep nerve in the Swiss psyche, where secrecy is a national virtue. Switzerland is the world’s top offshore asset location, with an estimated $2.3 trillion in assets, nearly one fourth of the world’s hidden wealth. … Nicole Navas, a DOJ spokeswoman, said Wednesday that “while we are disappointed in the outcome we respect the jury’s verdict.  However, this decision will not impact the department’s ongoing commitment to holding offshore tax evaders and those who aid them accountable.’ Others aren’t so sure. Weil’s acquittal “is the subject of much water cooler gossip,’ a senior tax lawyer in Washington, D.C., who requested not to be named because of his law firm’s cases involving Swiss banks and their clients, tells Newsweek.  ‘DOJ did a crappy job, apparently unaware of the harm that failure will cause to their agenda’ of expanding its probe of Switzerland to other tax-haven countries. “What Hong Kong or Indian or Israeli bank is going to be intimidated by this Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight?” G9 had a journalist present scrutinizing and interviewing other journalists.  All came to the same conclusio it smelled.  Prosecution actually assisted the Weil defense. Weil criminality interface was high. Judge Cohn uttered the same high burden several times as well. In particular, prosecution said that the burden to prove. The Jury were generally bored and almost comatose, as were journalists. The Jury only took less than an hour to stop the boredom and go home.  It was a travesty for international justice since the decision seemed to be predicated upon deliberate obfuscations. The World Justice has been seriously impacted allowing UBS AG to continue their reign of terror throughout the World.



New York Times reports: “Raoul Weil, the highest-ranking Swiss banker to stand trial in the United States, was accused in South Florida federal court of conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. … As a result of the verdict, future efforts by the U.S. government to bring tax fraud cases “will require more than just the word of former alleged co-conspirators, … Corporate defendants will also be less likely to cooperate with the government and may instead choose to begin fighting the allegations made against their institutions, … UBS is also under investigation in France and Germany over whether it helped wealthy individuals there dodge taxes.” G10 UBS Group Executive Board fraudsters have now “incentivised” their USA herein reported schemes with plausibility of denial. USA is now powerless to stop the UBS AG Group Executive Board criminal violations without documented criminal activity. This will easily never be forthcoming. The Raoul Weil successful legal model of arm’s length “incentivising” will now next be in place against France and Germany.  We are now communicating with pertinent EU media regarding UBS payouts, especially regarding donations and/or IOU’s to DOJ’s Breuer & Holder, UBS Chairman prior Senator Phil Gramm, Clinton’s, Obama.  From information and belief, other countries are using our information to scrutinize their UBS offshore politico accounts. Arms length incentivation is now the UBS banking model.



Newsweek reports: “Mark Branson, UBS’s former chief financial officer for the global unit Weil once ran, is also involved.  In a July 2008 hearing held by the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Branson testified under oath that UBS ‘did have detailed written policies that prohibited our employees from engaging in some of the conduct that our internal investigation has uncovered, such as assisting in the creation of sham offshore companies to defraud tax authorities.’  Such conduct is typically the province of lower-level employees and rank-and-file private bankers, not senior executives. In other words, senior executives weren’t involved—the opposite of what Liechti now contends regarding Weil, and a disconnect that prompts the question of which man—Branson or Liechti—might potentially be less than forthright in his remarks. At the Senate hearing, Branson, a British citizen, repeatedly exasperated Senate members with what they called his evasiveness, a transcript shows. The Swiss government apparently approved, appointing Branson last March chief executive of Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), the very organization that absolved UBS’s top management in the 2009 report. Branson is the first non-Swiss to head the powerful regulator. … R. Alexander Acosta, a former prosecutor who oversaw the criminal case against UBS and is now the dean of Florida International University College of Law, tells Newsweek that ‘in the typical cases, when someone who is senior level is prosecuted, something that often happens is they flip and provide evidence that goes higher up the chain.’  Acosta, who stressed he was speaking in general and not about UBS or Weil in particular, added that ‘the Justice Department always prefers going higher up the chain’.” G11  Reliable Washington sources have said the sordid UBS schemes are politically bipartisan g as a member of the  Republican Utah Industrial Bank Cartel while collaborating with   Clinton Family and Obama.  Politicos need UBS offshore capabilities. Washington righteous are powerless to stop UBS AG Group Executive Board fraudsters from continuing USA criminal violations.




A reliable UBS source reported an approximately UBS 600 strong USA sales force went to three day group “breakout” sessions at the tony Palm Beach Breakers Hotel. The sessions seemed to revolve around UBS salesmen recruiting clients through UBS “techniques” before UBS harvesting and processing. There was clearly underlying theme giving UBS a plausibility of denial if the salesmen were caught. There were few if any sessions on how to maintain or increase client assets. The sessions included:

Connecting Top Clients with the Firm (UBS) Marketing to Today’s
Client Refining Your Unique Story to Position Your Unique Value
Charging For Advice

The nine sessions were repeated each of the three days. This meant there were two days of leisure for the 600+ along with family members, all IRS written off by UBS. It gave the salesmen and their families an expensive vacation at USA taxpayer expense. This is frequently done by companies skirting USA IRS tax laws. These sessions were mostly about the recruiting prelude before the UBS questionable client signing. We have shown false client personal identifiers, recording social security numbers in public records and various other UBS criminal violations during this recruiting/signing up scenario while UBS was on USA Federal criminal parole.  Once “signed up” a UBS client is completely at the mercy of UBS. All of the client’s accounts are completely controlled by UBS. We have witnessed this time and again but never completely documented, until UBS elderly USA Client Herb Mallard’s trove.  We have exposed but a few of the implicating UBS documents.  We have clearly shown the relationship between the secret numbered accounts for UBS Presidential Libraries+ and secret controversial foreign donors.



Reuters reports: “Prosecutors allege that Rubinstein communicated with UBS bankers about the purchase and sale of securities worth more than 4.5 million Swiss francs, moving investments from U.S. dollars to British pounds and bringing some $3 million into the United States to buy property. …The IRS affidavit said Rubinstein held several face-to-face meetings with UBS bankers. ‘These meetings took place at various locations, including Art Basel Miami, a shopping center in West Palm Beach, (his) personal residence, and various restaurants throughout South Florida.’ ” G12 has been told by reliable sources that UBS offices in Palm Beach were allegedly working with UBS “bankers” sneaking around with clients in a designated shopping center near the UBS sponsored Palm Beach Art show conference center. They are all less than one kilometer away from the UBS Palm Beach office targeting and recruiting rich Florida senior citizen clients. One can easily see how a UBS senior citizen Client had his entire estate under UBS control stolen  from him when he and his attorneys making mortgage queries blundered into these nefarious UBS networks.  Was it like entering any other crime scene? does not know how far  Swiss government agents are involved in these matters, yet.  One Swiss agent was even looking from  UBS Client’s Palm Beach living room and balcony sea views.



New York Times reports: “Mr. Haener, the acting consul general of Switzerland in New York, said … that President Merz had asked Tim Geithner for the names case against UBS to be withdrawn … the Justice Department is unlikely to scale back or drop its case against UBS.” H13  Yet again, an Americanized UBS, or is it the Swiss Government, is begging Washington political operators to have the US Justice Department to drop UBS criminal charges. Some Washington politicians have received UBS PAC payments or worked for UBS.  Hypocritically, at the very same time UBS continues to freeze a Florida senior citizen with dementia’s assets and take him to the UBS 3rd District Court of Salt Lake City, Utah to be processed. Will we see UBS beg/order Washington political operatives on the UBS PAC payroll to shut down a Florida Federal civil counter-suit against UBS by the Florida senior citizen?




UBS IRRITATES PALM BEACH AREA RESIDENTS, AGAIN reports: “UBS has been blitzing Palm Beach area wealthy with mailing solicitations. They show the same 4 salesmen with different ethnic names smiling in an antiquated picture. This picture is actually a fraud because one of the salesmen is allegedly dying and not capable for customer recruiting. He was one of the better UBS salesmen within the Palm Beach County area. Palm Beachers give their mailings to members hoping it will help their cause against UBS predatory practices. This abhorrence for UBS has given the Palm Beach community a sense of purpose, after the Bernie Madoff UBS relationship.” G14


UBS FRIGHTENS  FLORIDA ELDERLY  CITIZENS reports: “UBS ostensibly uses ‘BANK’, instead of properly referring to itself as Plaintiff or UBS Bank USA when taking Florida senior citizens to their 3rd District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah district court. This dubious posturing is an attempt to sanitize their questionable judicial actions sanctified by the Salt Lake City Courthouse. This could be considered unpunished fraud-upon-the-courts.” G15


UBS demand letter

Click to enlarge!

UBS demand letter
This letter was sent to a UBS elderly Florida Client. It is frighteningly self-explanatory. One can only imagine receiving such a letter from a Swiss UBS AG owned Utah UBS Bank USA misrepresenting itself as USA Federally regulated. UBS Bank USA solicited and recruited customers from  Florida offices without a mandatory Florida license to do so.


Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor:
UBS in Switzerland was known as a quiet conservative bank. Our citizens all know they have been tricked. UBS has been horrifically criminal in the USA and squandered Swiss money on international scandals. I think UBS did this on purpose because the Swiss have such a low regard for Washington politicians. The Swiss bankers know the corrupt politicians all over the USA who have off shore accounts. UBS knows they can blackmail these politicians and get anything they want. This is coming out through the UBS scandals.
Swiss citizen married to an American

Can you give us the names of all the politicians from Utah accepting payments from UBS? I am a devout Mormon and would like this 3rd District Court of Salt Lake City scandal be known by our Elders. This imprudence can’t go on in our sacred City. Keep up the good works.
Concerned Mormon

I can’t believe Washington politicos on the UBS take allow UBS officials to escape our jails. Why don’t they help the U.S. Florida citizen who has been seriously harmed by UBS? I’ll tell you right now that $ talk in Washington not what’s good for US citizens. We in the finance business know how bad UBS is and how they get away with it.
Disgruntled NYC finance industry group

Why is UBS allowed to give money to USA politicians so UBS can loot elderly estates without recourse. The World knows that Washington has institutionalized corruption and that the system is copied by other countries politicians, primarily in the third world. I speak to UN officials in my building and they say the new corruption ideas start in Washington and are then promoted by Washington lobbyists to other countries. Our US elderly estates are being raped by UBS and UBS Chairman past Republican Senator Phil Gramm gets a part of the action, as will Attorney General Holder on retirement. It’s gotten much worse than when I was at UN. Concerned elderly woman retired from UN

Foreign businesses like UBS shouldn’t be allowed to give $$$$ to vulnerable US politicians. We read of the African and Middle East dictators and their friends with large UBS secret accounts being discovered all of the time. The only way to stop this is to enforce US laws against unscrupulous foreign banks like UBS against tempting our US politicians.
FAU student

Dear Director:
Utah has many Brigham Young graduates working at top Washington government positions. In fact, I grew up in Maryland. My Father works in a high level position. It has been difficult for Mormons to accept the realities of Washington corruption. There is not much that can be done but to live with it. For those that are religious Americans, it becomes more troublesome.
Brigham Young, Utah law student


Dear Readership:

There are many UBS AG senior staff that are disgruntled at the oppressive proclamations and behavior of Sergio Ermotti. These senior staff members are now more than willing to become reliable sources. Not one reliable sources has ever been discovered by UBS AG internal security operatives even though there have been purges, interrogations and various other Kafkaesque behavior. Sergio may have high numbers for the UBS AG Swiss stockholders at this time but bubble will not last.

We now are getting a pretty clear picture of the nefarious dealings of UBS within Germany, France, USA, Brazil and other unwitting countries. It seems all those willingly compromised by UBS invariably become blemished and tainted. It is difficult to believe UBS has gotten away with criminal malfeasance within the US for years through the use, among other things, of UBS PAC payments to US political operatives. At this very time, UBS AG CEO Sergio Ermotti is carrying on the policy of shutting down all transparent criminal court proceedings against UBS by the US Justice Department and IRS. UBS AG CEO Ermotti is also attempting to stifle all USA civil court cases through a system of threats to USA attorneys who defend UBS clients. We believe the Swiss bankers have a jaded outlook of the world groomed through their constant dealings over millennia with the most odious of clients.

Switzerland is the world’s largest offshore financial center, with $2.3 trillion in assets, or one-quarter of the world’s hidden, undeclared wealth, according to Boston Consulting Group data. UBS AG is comprised of a series of fiefdoms, each having a covetous ruler. When these fiefdoms clash we are the beneficiary of vitriolic personal information by those clashing. It is believed this is done to make their stick longer and the other’s shorter in their quest for dominance. We have computer drawers filled with these abusive snippets.

President Obama has reneged on his word to allow the unimpeded continuance of USA Federal judicial proceedings against UBS AG operations within the USA. Instead, Obama has continued to accept donations from UBS AG. As with Obamas predecessors, UBS AG controls Obama’s Presidential Library+ numbered account for offshore donations. One USA Congressman defending this policy said there would be no Presidential Libraries+ if the UBS AG offshore accounts were made transparent.

Washington politicians increase IOUs before leaving office. Hillary Clinton correctly said she and Bill had no money after leaving White House. Clinton’s had approximately $55,000,000 worth of IOUs + Clinton Swiss offshore Presidential Library+ accounts. Washington reliable sources say there is concern USA legal UBS secret Presidential Library+ accounts are a bipartisan threat to USA vital interests and thus national security.

We are finding more deliberate UBS criminal actions within the USA. It is incredulous how befuddled UBS client victim lawyers have overlooked such egregious UBS documented criminal actions hidden in plain sight. There is no room for mistake, inadvertence, obfuscation or any other UBS devious defenses. The documents speak for themselves. Truth is the best defense. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.